NFT Project (Sneak Peek)


Minting June 16th 2022
Astro Gal Society NFT

AGS is an NFT project that was co-founded by two real-life rocket scientists and a fashion designer. We are building a centralized and diverse community of education, mentorship, astro experiences, and scholarships to empower girls/women/minorities in STEM and space. Our Astro Gal Society team is made up of engineers, scientists, artists, poets, etc. because we want to show that Space is for Everyone.
Our collection contains 10k hand-drawn NFTs with over 250 unique features and is an inclusive collection that showcases diversity. We believe that anyone who is interested in aerospace careers shall have the opportunity to go for it. Whether you want to be an engineer, mechanic, artist, graphic designer, etc .

Started Jan 2022. Minting soon.